Free Beer Friday: Chocolate Beer and Knoke’s Chocolate


This week we face a novel sampling: not only was I sent free beer, but I was also sent free chocolate. About a mouth ago, I received a notice via Fed Ex from Sam Adams, alerting me that I would be receiving a bottle of beer in the mail in approximately two weeks. It did indeed arrive a short time later. The press release states that this specialty brew contains a "surprising ingredient: fine dark chocolate from rare wild Bolivian cocoa beans." The bottle is huge, with a pretty silver label, and I like chocolate. I have high hopes for this one.

The other thing I received this week was a sample package of Knoke’s Chocolates. A chocolate maker hailing from Hudson, Wisconsin, the contents inside this mailing looked like little sugar jewels: crown–shaped rich chocolate, hearts offering champagne–laced cocoa inside, raspberry cream center.

I have high hopes for this tasting.

Ben Palosaari: (with sarcasm) To McCain!


Jessica Armbruster: It really tastes like… beer.


Mike Kooiman: I was expecting something really horrendous.

Matt Smith: Like Godiva with bubbles or something.

JA: It was a slightly odd aftertaste. It's sort of wheaty.

Ward Rubrecht: I would totally order this at a bar.

JA: This is very much an after dinner beer.

BP: This is actually good. The last two speciality beers from Sam Adams were goddawful.

Nate Patrin: Do you think this would be good for a float?

ROOM: Nooo!

JA: Though I bet Guinness would since it’s so low in hops.

MK: I don't really taste the chocolate, it has a bitter aftertaste. I don'tknow that I like that.

JA: It's more like an oatmeal stout as opposed to chocolate beer. The chocolate is really good. I am having a something like a gourmet Butterfinger.

NP: The peanut brittle is really good.