Freddie Manton, the face of Brit's Pub, has died at age 90

Manton passed peacefully in his home Tuesday night, according to the restaurant.

Manton passed peacefully in his home Tuesday night, according to the restaurant. Facebook: Brit's Pub

Sad news on Nicollet: Freddie Manton, a fixture at Brit's since the pub opened more than a quarter-century ago, has died. He was 90 years old.

"It’s with a heavy heart we have to announce the passing of our beloved Freddie Manton," a Wednesday post on the restaurant's Facebook reads. (They've also updated their profile pic to his portrait.)

If you want to do a little crying-while-smiling, we recommend reading their farewell to Freddie in full, along with the hundreds of comments sharing fond memories and well-wishes for the Brit's fixture and his family—both those related by blood and those related by pub.

"To me Freddie was Brits," one reads. Another: "His friendship means the world to me." There are lots of photos full of warmth and love, and a few folks have proposed getting together over pints to celebrate the local legend. 

And if that doesn't leave you teary, there's also a phenomenal Fox 9 video from a few years back, in which Freddie—then 87—charmed the network with his one-liners and his skills behind the drum kit.

"Just the friendliness and chirpiness of this old Cockney geezer in downtown Minneapolis that immediately people take into their hearts," Brit's GM Shane Higgins told the network. "They just love to be around him and love to say that they know him."

"Fred was a loving father and grandfather and a much loved friend to literally thousands of people and it is no lie that he made an impression on everyone that he met," the Facebook post continues. "An amazing drummer and music teacher, a restaurateur like no other and a wonderful story teller (almost all true!), Fred’s enthusiasm for life was infectious and an inspiration for us all."