Foxy Falafel's new truck: a first taste

Owner Erica Straight is rocking her newly minted food truck, and she's hitting the streets of St. Paul. After a few false starts, the new truck is out and serving up her famous vegetarian sandwiches.

We stopped by recently to get reacquainted with the Twin Cities' Best Falafel.

The falafel are just as scrumptious as we had remembered. Crunchy on the outside, tender with a wisp of herby flavor on the inside. It's worth noting the brilliance of her packing in the pita bread. First a layer of highly seasoned shredded cabbage is layered into the bottom, then a swipe of garlicky, tahini-rich hummus, followed by the balls, then topped with an abundance of cucumbers. Perhaps the most astonishing thing about this sandwich is the jewel-colored tomatoes dotting the top. They are astoundingly flavorful. Tomatoes are not supposed to taste like this so early in our growing season, but there they were.

Condiments include her sassy array of spicy pickled peppers, onions, and cucumbers.

Just like her farmers market locations, there are also gluten-free ways of getting your falafel fix.

Strait, who trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition holistic health school as well as the Natural Gourmet Institute, knows both about fine foods and healthy eating. These welcome sensibilities are both at play as much on the truck as they were at her stand. While there isn't a traveling smoothie bike just yet, the goodness is now available on actual rolling wheels. For now she'll be in St. Paul and available for catering with the truck as well as maintaining her stands at are Farmers Markets. Foxy's falafel empire will also be expanding with her new bricks-and-mortar restaurant in St. Paul

Foxy Falafel

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