Foursquare application lures foodies


The Pi Press reports that Foursquare, a social networking slash just-plain-social phone application is taking the foodie world (including local food blog Heavy Table and WCCO news foodie Jason DeRusha) by storm with its combination of Twitter-type updates, tips on local hotspots and game features. The article says:

Foursquare adds a social element that others lack. Like the Twitter messaging service, which is also popular on mobile devices, Foursquare lets users tally lists of their friends. They can then use the service for keeping in touch with those buddies and exchanging rapid-fire information about where to chow down or throw back a tall cold one.

When users "check in" at their favorite food joints, for instance, all their Foursquare friends will know and can initiate interaction via texts, e-mails or voice calls. This is similar to the location-aware Loopt, Brightkite and Google Latitude services, which also allow users to find out where their buds are (minus the emphasis on food and drink).

Foursquare users can also broadcast random "shouts" to their friends who are then able to respond via the service.

Heavy Table uses the app to draw attention to its reviews, the article says. DeRusha likes the insider-y quality to it. How about it, Hot Dishers? Do you use Foursquare? What's so great about it?