Former 7 Sushi manager sues


7 Sushi's website says it prides itself on its "scene," "style" and "taste." Will that hold up in court?

A former 7 Sushi manager says she was fired after she told her boss she was pregnant. In a discrimination suit filed last week, the woman says she started getting verbally harassed and was encouraged to get another job almost immediately after she broke the news that she was expecting.

The suit names David Koch, who also has a hand in local restaurants r.Norman's and Bellanotte, as the source of the woman's stress. According to the lawsuit, Koch accused the woman of being more concerned about her health than the restaurant and quotes him as saying "It seems like your pregnancy is more important to you than this job."

When the woman brought a note from her doctor saying she should work 40 hours or less per week, the suit alleges that Koch continued to require her to work more than that. According to the suit, a human resources employee for the company was also fired around the same time for refusing to substantiate bogus reports Koch was making about the pregnant woman's work record.

The case was filed in federal court.