Former 501 to become Twisted Fork II and another Town Hall outlet?

Will dividing conquer the curse?

Will dividing conquer the curse?

Downtown Minneapolis's 501 Washington Avenue South hasn't, in recent years, proved a very viable venue. Its two most recent tenants, Matty B.'s and the 501 Club, didn't last long, even though the owner of the latter also runs Northeast's successful 331 Club.

But the building's owner, Mario Cocchiarella, wants to break the curse. The Downtown Journal reports that Cocchiarella petitioned the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association last week to seek a recommendation for a Class B liquor license.

He'd like to split the space in two, filling one half with a second location of St. Paul's Twisted Fork Grille and the other with a Town Hall Brewery-owned pub called Crooked Pint. His plan also includes live music performances at both restaurants.

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