Forks Over Knives to premiere at the Lagoon this Wednesday

A new documentary that could change the way you think about food

A new documentary that could change the way you think about food

Roger Ebert says this film "could save your life." A documentary that makes a profound claim that our "diseases of affluence" can be cured by "rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods," Forks Over Knives shows startling research that suggests our nation's epidemics of obesity, heart disease, and cancer can be linked to the animal-based food we eat.

The film has already opened in several cities across the country and will premiere here in Minneapolis on Wednesday at the Lagoon Cinema in Uptown. The premiere will feature a discussion with a panel of experts, including local chef and cookbook author Robin Asbell. The Hot Dish spoke with Asbell about the film and its potential impact. Read on to see the film's trailer, get ticket info, and see what Asbell had to say.


How accessible is the message of the film to someone who isn't a vegetarian and doesn't intend to become one? Is it an all or nothing kind of proposition? I think that anyone who sees it will want to eat more plants, even if they don't go all the way. The case is made on several levels, from watching people who change their lives, to seeing lots of surprising research.

How does this film differ from other documentaries like Food, Inc. or Supersize Me? Those films are about the system and marketing as much as what we eat. This film is really about the effect that animal foods have on human health.

How do you think the Twin Cities in general fares on the local, sustainable, fresh, wholesome food choices scale? Do you see room for improvement, cause for celebration, or both? I'd say we have good reasons to celebrate! We are not blessed with the growing season of warmer climes, but we have some great producers and dedicated providers. The ever expanding farmers markets, new restaurants featuring local cuisine, natural foods groceries, and most importantly, educated consumers who keep pushing have really made things change.

Why do you think people should see this film? What impact do you foresee it having? I think that every time we see people eating more plants, living healthy lives, it influences us. I know that most meat lovers will never go veg, but I work every day to pull them just a little more toward the light. Just cutting back, trying Meatless Mondays, going more plant-based can be powerful. Who knows, some people will see themselves in the "before" pictures and give it a serious commitment.

Tickets to the premiere are just $5, available at Minneapolis Whole Foods stores. For those who can't attend, fear not. The Hot Dish will be in attendance and will give a full report.

Forks Over Knives film premiere and panel discussion Wednesday, May 18 The Lagoon Cinema 2906 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis 612.825.6006

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