Forget the drive-thru, Burger King delivers now

The King awaits your order... for delivery.
The King awaits your order... for delivery.

Burger King is redefining fast food in Minneapolis with its new home delivery option that just launched last week. Now you can have it your way, straight to your door.

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According to Business Wire, Burger King has finally looped Minneapolis into one of the numerous metros with BK delivery options.

However, delivery is only available for select neighborhoods in Minneapolis right now. The first restaurant to dabble in delivery is located on Hiawatha Avenue and serves neighborhoods including: Hiawatha, Minnehaha, Nokomis, Powderhorn, Longfellow, Hale, Page, Cooper, and Corcoran. Don't know if you're in the delivery zone? You can check your address at BKDelivers.

If you're not in the delivery area, you might be in luck soon. The Hiawatha location will serve as a training area for several other Burger Kings slated to bring fast food right to your door. Burger King announced that restaurants in Bloomington, East Bloomington, Edina, Diamond Lake, and Richfield will also deliver in the near future, but didn't say exactly when or which locations would be involved.

While Burger King is usually open pretty late, don't expect their delivery service to follow suit. You can only order for delivery from the Hiawatha Burger King between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., reports the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal.

Like lots of other delivery services in the area, Burger King will have a price minimum on orders ($10) as well as a delivery fee ($2) -- so if you've just got a craving for piping-hot, dollar-menu fries, you're probably better off making the trek to the King instead of waiting on a delivery driver.

So far, no word on whether or not Ronald McDonald will follow in the King's footsteps for delivery, but hopefully it won't be like this.

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