Forget tableside: Get your guacamole 'on demand'


Have you ever been flummoxed by the idea of tableside guacamole? Us too. Watching a guy mash garlic and onion into avocados isn't exactly scintillating. But here's something that is: guacamole "on demand."

Just tweet, and Wholly Guacamole will deliver guacamole to your door. Free of charge. 

Of course, there is a catch. This promotion is more of a contest than a service. They're doing it for a litmited time only, and maybe you'll win free guacamole, and maybe you won't. Still, the thrill of the chase is better than watching limes get squeezed any old day. 

Just tweet at @eatwholly and #guacyourlunch between now and July 31 for a chance to have a guacamole truck pull up at your door. And who doesn't want that? 

Wholly Guacamole