Foodie Father's Day suggestions


Not surprisingly, most recommendations for foodie dads for this Father's Day revolve around meat, grilling and/or barbecuing meat, and the tools and reading materials needed to prepare said meat. We think your dad might be made of more than that (at least a little). Are we right or are we right? Suggestions (just one or possibly two of them meat-related) after the jump. has a few gift ideas as well as a link (at the bottom of the post) to a boatload of recipes and other dad-centric suggestions. Using their list as a guide, here are some Hot Dish recs:

1) Epicurious recommends the cookbook "Dad's Awesome Grilling Book." We like the idea of something more general. Besides, grilling is, like, so May. How about Bittman's 10th Anniversary edition of "How to Cook Everything."

2) Epi-cu sez buffalo. Buffalo's cool, but if you want to stick closer to home, maybe try some Omaha Steaks, which has a $59.99 Father's Day special that includes filet mignons, top sirloins, burgers, chicken, pork, potatoes, and an effing cake.

3) Epi-c suggests chocolate. Cheers to that. Order some local Legacy Chocolates online (Act fast though. You do know Father's Day is Sunday, right?) or pick up some local B.T. McElrath chocolates at Lund's.

4) Epi-c. likes coasters made from recycled LPs. We're not changing a thing. These are rad.

5) Epi-c. thinks your dad would like an aged sherry. We don't know about your dad, but our dads pretty much just stick with beer. How about some beer swag? Surly sells t-shirts. So does Lift Bridge. So does (enter brewery name of choice).

6) Epi-c. recs a gift basket. Do not, we repeat, do not get your dad a gift basket.