Foodie at Fifteen


High schooler Nick N. has an apprenticeship at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse.

I stumbled across the blog of a teegange foodie who writes about everything from duck confit sous vide to the kitchen gadgets he got for Christmas. The most shocking entry detailed how the kid blew nearly $300 of his summer job money on a meal at Thomas Keller's tony Per Se. Kids these days...

The writing is pretty funny, especially the part where he attempts to secure a reservation:

It was September 29th; exactly two months from the Saturday of Thanksgiving break and one of the few times I would be able to make the trek up to New York to dine at Per Se. I would have to call to make the reservation at Per Se at exactly 10 A.M today if I had any hope of getting that Saturday reservation. The only problem? I had school.

I sat patiently in my 9:30 - 10:25 science class as the clock neared 10. Very strategically, at exactly 9:57, I innocently asked to use the bathroom. I walked, no sprinted to the bathroom down the hall. I scrolled down my contact list until I reached Per Se, then dialed, and waited... After three minutes of waiting, a janitor came in. I cowered against the wall, praying he wouldn't take my phone. "Is it an important call?" "Oh my god yes" I genuinely responded. He told me I had five minutes, then strolled back out of the bathroom. I waited anxiously, attempting telepathic communication with my phone. When that failed, I simply yelled at it. At that moment, almost as if on cue, the janitor returned and told me to go back to class. It was too late. Now all the reservations were surely gone. I waited an hour for lunch then called again. Everything was booked. It looked there would be no Per Se for me this time around. Maybe God was telling me to invest my money for college.

There are only a few spots where you can tell you're reading a teeange writer. First, when he writes "The rest of this paper will..." a construction I recognize from my first term paper in sophomore English class, and secondly, when he thinks he's been served champagne instead of sparkling cider.

In any case, assuming this is for real, it's a fun read from a precocious kid. I can't say I've ever seen a teenager dining solo in any Twin Cities restaurant besides, maybe McDonald's, but perhaps that will change as the foodie craze infects the younger generations.