Food truck court returning to downtown St. Paul


Jill Wilson dishes up food truck news

Yesterday we spoke with Jill Wilson, owner of 128 Cafe and worker of the window in their food truck. She's again heading up the wildly successful food truck court that drew throngs of customers to downtown St. Paul last summer. She let us know who she expects to join her, where they'll be, and when we can start lining up.

[jump] The food truck court will return on Wednesday, May 2. The trucks will again be parked at the intersection of Kellogg and Wabasha on Wednesdays. The lineup is expected to be the same as last year. Along with 128 Cafe will be Chef Shack, Fork in the Road, Gastrotruck, and Simply Steve's. Last year a few other friends like the Magic Bus and Natedogs stopped by if any of the other trucks were unable to attend.

Last summer a second food truck court sprang up outside of MPR/McNally Smith College on Mondays. Wilson and the city of St. Paul are hopeful that another such lineup will be able to gather, but because of the light rail construction they've had some difficulty securing a spot.

Until the food truck court opens, follow the food trucks on the City Pages' Food Truck Map.


Soon my pretties, soon you shall return

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