Food tattoo and ramp fever


I need to start off with my food-related highlight of the week, which actually has nothing to do with eating at all.  My lifelong love of food has now been sealed in ink on my inner upper arm. 

The design is based on Gorham's Silver spoon patent from 1855 but incorporates the Oneida spoon I grew up eating with and my maiden-name initial (the subtle "N" at the bottom of the handle).

Spring is here, which means Minnesota cooks are chomping at the bit to cook with local produce. Since it's only the end of April, only a few things are readily available if you don't have access to a heated greenhouse or wintered-over spinach greens. It's foraging season, and ramps are at the top of the list. Their pungent onion-meets-garlic flavor is perfectly paired with carbs of all kinds, pasta being at the top of the list. Trying to divert from the same recipe I used last year during ramp season, I instead made a grilled ramp, ricotta, and goat cheese ravioli with a simple sauce of ramp greens and butter.

On Monday I headed over to Spoonriver for a really interesting dinner focused on the problems associated with using unnecessary antibiotics in animal husbandry. The meal was delicious and the topic intriguing. The meat we had was prepared by some of Twin Cities' biggest devotees to naturally raised animals, and this gorgeous quinoa dish, prepared by the staff of Spoonriver, served as our family-style side dish.


There isn't much of a story behind this picture, aside from the fact that I am just tickled about it being full-on barbecue season. I love when having a "lazy dinner" means lighting up the coals, parboiling some potatoes, and throwing some sausages on the grill.