Food Network wants you to watch rich people eat

Ever wondered what would happen if the Real Housewives franchise mated with Iron Chef? This April the Food Network premieres just such a program in Private Chefs of Beverly Hills.

The show follows a group of personal chefs catering to every insane whim their elite clientele demands. Billed as a "docu-soap" (which I think is code for scripted reality television), 'Private Chefs of Beverly Hills' is meant to show us just how crazy rich people are--as if we need further proof.

The cast includes six chefs employed by Big City Chefs as they try to handle assignments like catering a millionaire's glamorous camping trip (which I am horrified to inform you is called "glamping") or making food for a doggy spa.

Considering that the bum economy means most of us are turning to ramen more than personal chefs, this show seems wildly out of place right now. Who out there plans to watch when this show premieres in April?

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