Food Fight: Turtle Bread vs. Rustica ginger cookies


Sweets with ginger feature prominently come holiday time: whether it be gingersnaps, gingerbread, or even ginger beer. The bite-y tuber goes hand in hand with hot winter drinks (think mulled cider or even just coffee) as well as a tall glass of beer (think stout). We sampled ginger cookies from two local killer bakeries: Turtle Bread and Rustica. Here's what we found:

Turtle Bread makes a ginger molasses cookie straight out of your grandma's oven. The bakery's traditional take on the classic results in a balanced flavor, dominated by heavy, sweet molasses, a rich butteryness and a faint thread of ginger.

The lovely flavor comes robed in a uniformly crisp exterior, another nod to tradition.

Take heed though: The $1.99 cookie is large, maybe about the equivalent of four regularly-sized cookies. Come hungry or with a small army.

Rustica Bakery's ginger cookie doesn't let you forget who's the star of the show. The ginger in here is fierce. Unlike many ginger cookies, where the ginger flavor may be negligible, taking a bite into Rustica's take on the classic might have you actually breaking apart the cookie looking for actual threads of ginger.


Beautifully rendered, the cookie turns up with deep fissures that crisscross its surface and is sprinkled generously with large sugar granules that complement the bite of the ginger.The texture of this $1 delight is dense and soft, with a light, crispy exterior, and its size is manageable, somewhere along the lines of 2 1/2 regularly-sized cookies.

The Winner: Rustica's unique, flavor-forward take on a classic ginger cookie will be moonwalking across your mouth all day long and all night strong. Plus they're half the cost of Turtle Bread's. While Turtle Bread's traditional ginger molasses cookie stands up admirably, If you like ginger,

Turtle Bread 4762 Chicago Ave. Minneapolis 612.823.7333

Rustica Bakery Calhoun Village Minneapolis 612.822.1119