Food Fight: The Wedge vs. Trader Joe's


Insert Trader Joe's here? Heavy Table reports that Trader Joe's may move in two blocks from the Wedge and controversy abounds!

Here's what Aaron Landry had to say:

Minneapolis City Council Member Robert Lilligren confirmed to the Heavy Table this morning "there is a proposed mixed-use development at 2309 Lyndale Avenue. The first floor anchor tenant would be Trader Joe's." That location is two blocks from the Wedge Co-op and a few blocks from Kowalski's. There's a 2000-foot spacing requirement for off-sale liquor licenses due to a state statutory regulation but Trader Joe's may get an exception.

Okay, so I'm biased against the Le Parisien Flats due to the incessant noise I put up with during their construction and the fact that I agree with City Pages that they look like the "French village at Epcot Center or the Paris Casino in Las Vegas." (Props to Le Parisien for the green construction, but, Best Loft or Condo Project, really, CP?) It's looking like the European bakery and organic wine shop they promised for the first floor is instead going to be Trader Joe's. How does Joe's stack up to the Wedge?

Grocery Shop-off: Trader Joe's vs. the Wedge Staff fashion: Hawaiian shirts, stretched ear piercings Produce dept: plastic-wrapped crap, best in the city Beverage of choice: two buck chuck, wheatgrass shot Soundtrack: that nautical-sounding bell, spilled bulk items scattering on the floor Turn Ons: the cheap dark chocolate, the meat & seafood dept. staff Turn Offs: the *#$&% parking lot, the #[email protected]#=% parking lot