Food Fight: Our Kitchen vs. Colossal Cafe pancakes


It's possible you haven't eaten in 18 hours or so. Maybe you just nibbled on veggie tray remnants or sweaty leftover pieces of cheese since eating big yesterday. You're possibly getting hungry again right about now. Maybe for something soft, warm, and comforting before braving the mad crowds of reckless shoppers. How about some pancakes? See how the hotcakes from two teeny-weeny local diners stack up (heh) next to each other:

A sunny, yellow color, Our Kitchen's cakes go for $2.10 apiece. They taste eggy, and not unlike boxed yellow cake. It's also evident that they are cooked up near to, next to or possibly on top of bacon. In fact, bacon grease might compose the overarching flavor of the teeny diner's pancakes. If that bugs you, loading up on syrup and butter always helps. Pancakes are really just a vehicle for the two sweet, fat-laden condiments anyway, right?

Colossal Cafe's "flappers" are made with yeast, giving the flavor a little tangy kick that you obviously don't get with most cakes. The cake is fluffy, off-white inside, and noticeably sweet. At $3.49 apiece they're a bit spendy, but how often can you put one away anyway? Sharing's always better.

The Winner: Colossal's sweet and yeasty pancake is a superior specimen: a bit outside the box, but not too much. Straightforward sweetness helped along by rich syrup and butter. And the dusting of powdered sugar sure doesn't hurt. Our Kitchen's pancake is definitely passable -- as far as diners go -- but just make sure you like bacon grease.

Pancake Our Kitchen-style.

Pancake Our Kitchen-style.

Our Kitchen 813 W. 36th St. Minneapolis 612.825.3718

Colossal Cafe 1839 E. 42nd St. Minneapolis 612.729.2377