Food Fight: Burrito Mercado vs. Manny's Tortas Mexican hot chocolate


It really never stops being exciting to get hot chocolate. The magical powers of nostalgia can stifle the gag reflex that might be otherwise induced by the combo of dehydrated marshmallows and tap water any old day. Besides, does anyone really have hot chocolate on a regular enough basis for it to feel normal? Mexican hot chocolate is an extra special breed of hot chocolate, usually made with milk and/or cream, cinnamon, vanilla and sometimes other ingredients like chilis and eggs. Here's how two Mexican hot chocolates stand up next to each other:

Burrito Mercado gets all fancy with its Mexican hot chocolate. It comes in one of those fancy coffee glasses that make your pinky automatically >zing

I might have gotten diabetes just watching the sugar go into Manny's Mexican hot chocolate. I had to look away as the woman poured a system-shocking amount into the cup that was about to contain my hot chocolate. Manny's started with a pre-made jug of refrigerated hot chocolate, added the sugar and microwaved. The result was a sweat-inducing hot beverage with a robust chocolate flavor and an awesome milk skin on top. It was also, weirdly (alarmingly?), not overly sugary. $2.45/glass.

The Winner: While Burrito Mercado's Mexican hot chocolate wins hands down in presentation, its flavor is muted compared to the sugar+chocolate+styrofoam miracle of Manny's hot chocolate. Neither of these are what one might call true Mexican hot chocolate, but both are sweet, rich reminders of just how and why we slog through another winter. Bonus: Manny's heated up its hot chocolate a screaming hot temperature, always a cold weather plus.