Food Building's Lone Grazer Creamery has closed

Miss you, Lone Grazer cheese.

Miss you, Lone Grazer cheese. Photo courtesy of Lone Grazer Creamery Facebook Page

See ya in artisan cheese heaven, Lone Grazer Creamery

Head cheesemaker Reuben Nilsson & Co. announced the closure of Lone Grazer on Tuesday. The cheese shop/factory was housed in Food Building, the northeast Minneapolis foodie collective where the very best breads, meats, and cheeses come together to make God's own sandwich. 

Lone Grazer just couldn't turn a profit, says Food Building founder Kieran Folliard. 

Food Building's other brands, including Red Table Meat and the recently added Baker's Field Flour & Bread, are going strong, Folliard reports. He says the decision to shutter Lone Grazer after two years in business was made, in part, to ensure those companies stay financially viable. 

Lone Grazer's aged cheeses are available for purchase while supplies last. That's not the case for its freshly made offerings like curds and string cheeses. 

1401 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis