Food & Wine show moves to Target Field

After a 16-year run in Minneapolis's fluorescent-lit, warehouse-like Convention Center, Minnesota Monthly's 17th Food & Wine Experience is moving to more chic digs. This March 5 and 6, the Experience will take place at Target Field--but no need to bust out your special wineglass-holding mittens, you won't be sipping out on the field, but in the stadium's warm, enclosed Metropolitan & Legends Clubs.

The other improvement this year is that the show producers have culled their vendor list more carefully, so instead of letting every Tom, Dick, and appliance vendor in there, they've restricted booths to only those who make food and beverage (okay, maybe not entirely--the list of exhibitors shows someone who makes cork tchotchkes, but mostly it's just food and beverage). And, finally catching up to the craft beer trend, the F&W E will be pouring 75 specialty beers along with 350 wines.

Ticket prices are up--$75 in advance, $80 at the door, with proceeds benefiting Minnesota Public Radio. We'll see if the rate increase reduces the number of Girls Night Out groups made up of people who are too old to be called girls and too old to be tipsily tottering around and shattering their wineglasses.

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