Food and music meet at JD Fratzke and Ben Quam's Sounds Delicious Record Bar

It's multi-sensory dining experience from Ben Quam (left) and JD Fratzke

It's multi-sensory dining experience from Ben Quam (left) and JD Fratzke Courtesy Ben Quam

Ben Quam is a DJ and an at-home chef; JD Fratzke is a chef who loves music, too.

“We’re both music geeks and food and drink fans,” Quam says. “For years, we’ve been trying to think of a way to bring it all together.”

They’ll finally do that on December 17, when they debut their pop-up collaboration -- Sounds Delicious Record Bar -- a seven-course dinner with beverage pairings at Bar Brigade where guests get to pick the songs. It’s the first event to come out of their new partnership, FAQ (Fratzke and Quam) Productions.

“There are a lot of incredible meals I’ve had that make me salivate right now just thinking about them, but I don’t remember the exact plating, how it was garnished,” Quam explains. Instead, he remembers the surroundings: the music, the mood, the lighting.

So for Sounds Delicious, he’s curated a 400-song collection (with some help from Fratzke and other area music lovers) to create an experience that satisfies sonically and flavor-wise. “Maybe they’ll get taken back to sipping that broth or bringing that forkful of food to your mouth,” Quam says. “You’ll get hit with the smells, the touch of the silverware, the taste of the food -- hit across the palate.”

As for what you’ll hear and eat? “It’s our twist on the Norman Rockwell Christmas paintings,” Quam says. Think traditional-British-slash-New-England winter fare. On the sonic side, there’s a lot of Brit-influenced music from the ’60s through today -- everything from the Beatles through ’80s and ’90s psych stuff (“and a couple weird curveballs thrown in”). There are two 26-seat Sounds Delicious time slots, and tickets are available at $80 a pop. Everyone will get to hear their song or record -- and there will probably be a few little secret surprises.

If it works, the duo might do the event quarterly, changing up the menu and music to correspond with the seasons.

Quam’s hopeful that this thing could catch on: “Maybe it’ll be something that people didn’t even realize they wanted.”

Find more info and links for tickets here.