Following 500 percent rent increase, St. Paul's just/us will close 'in solidarity' with neighbors

Say goodbye to these beauties and hellooooo to gentrification in St. Paul!

Say goodbye to these beauties and hellooooo to gentrification in St. Paul! Facebook: just/us

St. Paul restaurant just/us just announced that after a little more than a year on Wabasha Street N., they're closing up shop.

That sucks! We loved this affordable prix fixe place, which was so full of imagination and warmth (and, on Tuesdays, served some of the best burgers in town). 

But to hear them tell it, their exit isn't exactly voluntary. Nor is the loss of the restaurant the saddest part of it all.

In a Thursday afternoon Facebook post, the talented crew of chef/servers outlined the reasons for their departure. The TL;DR? A development company a) bought their building, b) plans to hike rents by five times the current rate, and c) will displace not just one of St. Paul's shining restaurants, but also tenants in the space's apartments, many of whom are on disability, on social security, or in recovery.

Here's more from the restaurant:

"The building we are located in (includes our space + the Viking Apartments) was recently purchased by a development company that plans to remodel the units above us (consequently displacing all of the current tenants - most of which who have lived there for over a decade & are on disability, social security, and/or struggling with addiction as well as many folks in recovery). These are our neighbors, we've grown to love & respect these people. Our hearts break for them during this time. Many of them will end up without housing or in shelters.
The development company plans to raise our rent nearly five times the current rate & that is something we cannot do. And in good consciousness, we stand in solidarity with our neighbors. If they go, we go too. Gentrification rears its ugly head again in Downtown St. Paul. We believe in developing our neighborhoods & communities, we do not believe in the continued displacement of disadvantaged members of our community in the name of inflating riches.

"We're not even sure how to properly thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON that's supported us," the team continues. "You are all the very best and have completely fortified our love for this city. St. Paul really is like no other place. Let's keep our town creative, humble, & kind."

The last day for just/us will be April 20, so please, go check out Burger Tuesday (or any day—the burger menu is now available Monday through Saturday), if you have a chance before then. 

The post does promise: "The just/us crew has some things in the works & we can't wait to fill you in."