Flash mob-style dinner en blanc events in the Twin Cities

Dinner en blanc, the most elegant picnic
Dinner en blanc, the most elegant picnic

Someday the rain will end. The ground will dry and the sun will rise. At some point summer will come and we'll be so eager to bask in its brief glory that we'll need to take every meal outside. On the horizon there are not one, but two enchanting dinners held outside in Minneapolis where diners will dress entirely in white.

Inspired by

Dinner en Blanc

in France, an organized outdoor picnic that operates like a flash mob. The groups will show up at a set location that they won't know until an hour beforehand where they will be headed. They set up tables, set out elegant food (no potato salad or PB & J's here), silverware and toast the season. Just as quickly as they arrive, the group dissipates, leaving no trace.

The idea has spread around the globe with everywhere from New Zealand to New York City hosting Dinner in White events. Locally, the event is secretive and exclusive. The only way to get in on the location is to is to know someone who is already a part of the group's Facebook Page (Dinner in White MSP). On Saturday, June 22 at 6:30, the location will be announced and at 7:30 p.m. the dinner begins. Attendees are responsible for bringing their own everything, tables, chairs, and food -- as well as responsible for picking up after yourself.
A pop up dinner in white from Hand Made Events
A pop up dinner in white from Hand Made Events
Sarah Stanitz designed poster

However, this isn't the  only white picnic event this summer. On August 3, Pop Up Twin Cities is hosting an event where people will also arrive at a secret location, but this event is selling tickets for $15. While attendees will still be responsible for their elegant white dress and gourmet eats, they won't have to schlep all the gear. The price of admission will cover the cost of table and chair rentals, port-a-potties and entertainment.
A summer night of dinner and dancing under the stars in a sea of white, sounds simply divine.

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