Five vintage fast-food commercials we love

Hammer loves Taco Bell
Hammer loves Taco Bell

This week's cover story, Wing to Power, delved into the popularity and history of the Buffalo wing.

Over the years, fast-food chains like McDonald's and KFC have experimented with their own versions of Buffalo's most famous culinary export. We noticed that along the way, they've had some memorable commercials--whether because they're cute and creative or just plain weird. Here' are our five favorites:

McDonald's first commercial ever: Who knew the first Ronald McDonald was this creepy?

McDonald's hits Broadway McDonald's redeems itself with a sparkling clean kitchen and a group of guys serving your McNuggets with a song.

Der Wienerschnitzel, circa 1978: Who knew that hot dogs were better with harmony?

Kentucky Fried Chicken, circa 1984: Okay, so it's kind of cheesy, but the kids are so cute.

MC Hammer for Taco Bell: MC Hammer starred in a lot of commercials in his heyday, but this one's the best. Watch for the parachuting pants.

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