Five Foodie Crowdfunding Campaigns to Watch Right Now

Bonicelli Kitchen is raising Kickstarter funds for a new northeast Minneapolis multipurpose culinary space

Bonicelli Kitchen is raising Kickstarter funds for a new northeast Minneapolis multipurpose culinary space

These days we needn't rest on our laurels and wait until a business is up and running to support it. No! That's for lazy people! Instead, get in on the action, the branding, even some of the product way before the doors actually swing open.

Five hot new up-and-coming businesses, causes, and cool projects are percolating in crowd-funding land, right now.

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Bonicelli Market and Fresh Meal Delivery

Who they are: For seven years, Laura Bonicelli has had one of those services we would all partake of if we could: chef-created healthy meals delivered to your doorstep. She's been successful with this, and now she's got a dream to create a business that would make her little corner of northeast Minneapolis at 19th and Filmore Street feel like something out of Florence, Italy.

What they want to do: She'll keep the fresh meal delivery going A restaurant/bistro with beer and wine An artisanal market with freshly prepared takeout, coffee, and pastries Classes for kids and adults A chef's garden for fresh seasonal produce

Goal: $60,000 Pledged: $13,801 Best incentive: Participation in a five-day Italian Culinary Tour for two showcasing the Italian Riviera and surrounding areas. Days to go: 28

Muddy Paws Camp Cheesecake

Who they are: Tami Cabera is probably the biggest name in locally produced, good-ingredient (local, farm raised) handmade cheesecake around these parts. She makes exactly 222 kinds of cheesecake from scratch, and she's so active in the weddings and events game it would make your head spin. She's also a single mom to (count 'em) four kids. We think instead of cheesecake she should just somehow figure out how to bottle "Cabera Energy" and she'll make her millions that way.

What they want to do: Until that day, she's in the market for a new food truck, actually a food camper, so that she can become more mobile with her cakes, and possibly even turn the business into a franchise (or a brick-and-mortar store).

Goal: $30,000. Pledged: $2,145 Best incentive: Go camping with Tami, or if camping's not your thing, free cheesecake for a year Days to go: 44

Farmhouse Madeline Island

Who they are: Husband and wife chef/restaurateur team.

What they want to do: To create a Madeline Island cafe that serves fresh, local breakfast and lunch, growing their own produce and catching their own fish. They say they will utilize Aquaponic growing techniques alongside traditional growing to elongate the growing season. They've already secured the building and need the funds for repairs and equipment costs.

Goal: $16,650 Currently Funded: $10,815 Best incentive: Your family recipe on the specials rotation Days to go: 8

Tommy Begnaud Medical Fund

Who they are: The new chef of Coup d'Etat, formerly of Ward 6

What they want to do: On the eve of his new big gig as executive chef of Coup d'Etat, chef Tommy Begnaund was hit by an unlicensed and uninsured drunk driver. Begnaund was on his way home from work, and his car was T-boned as the driver blew through a stop sign. His hip was broken in six places and he sustained major injuries to his ribs and lower vertebrae. Bad news for a chef.

He will spend the next several months recovering in the care of his parents. For now he is confined to a wheelchair and will eventually progress to a walker and then a cane. Help support him while he is away from work and to help pay his medical expenses.

Goal: $15,000 Pledged: $13,776 Best incentive: Support of our local culinary community Fencing Fields to Increase the Certified Organic Milk Supply

Who they are: Organic dairy farmers who cannot keep up with marketplace demand for their product due in part to the fact that USDA organic regulations stipulate specific amounts of pasture, per animal, per year.

What they want to do: To increase the supply of certified organic grass-fed milk by creating a custom grazing program for Amish and Mennonite dairy farmers.

Goal: $20,000 Pledged: $161 Best incentive: Name a cow! Days to go: 28