Fitger's cancels plans for former Trocadero's space

Remain calm. There's still plenty of craft beer in Minneapolis.
Remain calm. There's still plenty of craft beer in Minneapolis.

Emily Utne
Back in early June, we reported that Duluth-based Fitger's Brewhouse would be expanding its operation and opening a new brewpub/music venue at the old Trocadero's space in the North Loop. But after taking a season or so to reconsider, it appears that Fitger's wants to keep focused on its own local scene.

So what exactly transpired? And what are our chances of getting to enjoy some of that Apricot Wheat or bourbon-barrel-aged Beaver Bay Brown Ale on tap in the Twin Cities? Here's a little more on what is officially scrapped and what might just be on the back burner:

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A spokesperson for Fitger's parent company told the

Downtown Journal

that given the size of the company's current team and all their other ongoing projects, it would be unrealistic to complete the Minneapolis brewpub on a reasonable timeline. Instead, Fitger's will remain focused on what it has going on in Duluth, like the recently opened Tycoon's Alehouse and Eatery.

With an ever-expanding distribution area, four of its own restaurants, and several other pubs that they supply beer to, Fitger's main brewhouse is busting at the seams trying to keep up with the demand for greater production. So while Fitger's is firm on scrapping plans for the Minneapolis brewpub, don't lose all hope of being able to enjoy one of its popular North Shore-style brews down here. Fitger's owners still plan to enter our booming craft beer scene at some point in the near-ish future, and there's certainly no dearth of open rotating tap lines around these parts.

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