First Look: Kindee Thai

Sticking with this week's theme of writing mixed reviews of new restaurants that may or may not enrage the readers of this blog, a few brief words about the Mill District's Kindee Thai restaurant: If you're going to the Guthrie, and you generally view Thai food as a little too challenging, this is exactly the right place for you to eat dinner. This newly opened eatery serves a handful of Thai favorites with all the complicated musky / earthy / vexing notes helpfully edited out, resulting in a sweet + spicy duality that is both easy to comprehend and consume. The decor is pleasant (chic, even — it feels like Brooklyn, in the new, hip sense of the word) and the staff is kind and attentive.

If, however, you are not visiting the Guthrie and/or you like your Thai food with a depth and power that can sometimes be overwhelming, three alternative ideas to consider: Ruam Mit Thai. Amazing Thailand. True Thai.

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