First Look: Corner Table 3.0 opens tonight

One of the best restaurants in Minneapolis just got a little better. This week Corner Table is packing up their knives (and their pork products) and relocating just a couple of blocks down the street. Their new address means more room for guests inside and out, plus an expanded menu with even more delicious fare.

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Gone is the rustic wood of the former restaurant tenant, replaced with hand-painted black wainscoting. The walls are lined with plush cushions, and Chef Thomas Boemer nailed in every golden stud himself. There are personal touches throughout the room, including a custom-made wallpaper near the front entrance that depicts friends of the restaurant and foragers Fred and Kathy Yerich.

One of the biggest problems for diners in the former location was the acoustics. When the restaurant was full, or was host to a few especially jubilant guests, the roar could make quiet conversation difficult. At the new space, cushions at the bottom of the comfortable chairs and installations on the ceiling help muffle more boisterous voices.

With a little bit more room, owners Chenny and Nick Rancone along with Boemer are now able to spread their wings a bit. The wine and beer list features a few more selections, and there's also a little more room for guests waiting to be seated -- conveniently located next to where the beer is poured. 

The kitchen continues to serve up elegant seasonal dishes, like an ethereal asparagus flan, topped with baby pea shoots, tender baby asparagus, and breakfast radishes. (There might have also been some bacon). However, vegetarians will be happy to know that there will be more dishes geared towards those who eschew meat. 

There are also more seafood dishes, all sustainably sourced. In the hamachi crudo, Boemer and his kitchen staff took what was a large, unwieldy fish and transformed it into shimmering, paper thin slices of delicate flavor, adorned with a fruity extra virgin olive oil and expertly seasoned. This was a dish so luscious and light it vanished within moments of arriving.

On the other end of the indulgence spectrum was one of the most exquisite plates of foie gras we've had all year. An intensely creamy foie torchon set upon a house-made crumbly wafer was tarted up with a touch of stone fruit conserve and finished with a few well-placed grains of salt. 

The new menu will continue to change regularly. Some dishes are returning favorites like Boemer's singular hush puppies, and some, like the pork jowl char sui, were specials that have stuck around. Still others are entirely new -- like the yet to be revealed weekend brunch menu. 

Corner Table will be open Monday through Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 5 to 11 p.m. The restaurant has not yet determined its weekend brunch hours. Prices remain in the $10 range for starters and charcuterie, $20 for handmade pastas, $25 for entrees, and $65 for the tasting menu.

4537 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis
Call ahead for brunch hours and availability

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