First Look: Bogart's Doughnut Co. hosts grand opening tomorrow in south Minneapolis

A dozen Bogart's blessings

A dozen Bogart's blessings

Take one part buttery brioche dough and one part disenchanted attorney looking for a career change and you have the recipe for Bogart's Doughnut Co., a new fried sweets spot at Bryant and 36th.

What started as a Kingfield Farmers Market stand three years ago has blossomed into a charming (and tiny) doughnut shop that will host its grand opening tomorrow. Did we mention the brioche dough?

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"Brioche dough is basically bread dough enriched with a lot of eggs and a lot of butter," says Bogart's owner Anne Rucker. "I actually start mine with a sponge which not every one does. It gives it kind of a yeasty flavor. I started tweaking my recipe and came up with this really great doughnut that people seemed to like."

The brioche doughnuts come in four varieties: the original brown butter glazed, a sugar-dusted Nutella-filled, a French-style vanilla bean buttercream-filled that offers a more custardy interior than a typical frosting-filled doughnut, and a plain raised glazed. Rucker is also frying up cake doughnuts in chocolate and lavender as well as a Pershing, a fried cinnamon roll infused with cardamom.

The menu is fairly pared-down for now, which is to be expected with Rucker's time-consuming baking methods. Brioche dough takes about 12 to 18 hours to make, so Rucker is keeping things as simple as possible.

Bogart's Doughnut Co. will host its grand opening tomorrow

Bogart's Doughnut Co. will host its grand opening tomorrow

"It's a dough that once you have it the day of, there's a finite amount," Rucker says. "My space is small now so I'm experimenting with how much dough I can make at one time. For now I need to keep it manageable. I'm just going to fry them up in the morning and sell until they're gone or until about 1 p.m."

The Bogart's name comes from Rucker's great aunt, Esther Bogart, who taught her how to bake at an early age. Rucker started a food blog several years ago called Bogart Loves and carried the name with her to the farmers market stand and now to her brick-and-mortar shop. Of course, with all this emphasis on her dough, it's no surprise Rucker opted for the old-timey spelling of doughnut.

"My dough is a little different from what's in regular 'donuts,' so i just figured why not pay homage to the dough in the doughnuts?"

Bogart's Doughnut Co. 904 W 36th Street Twitter and Facebook

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