FireLake taste test: Can you ID the MN wine?

Ten thousand may be my favorite hyperbolic modifier for spicing up conversations ("she hates him with the fire of ten thousand suns," "she wants to have 10K babies with him") which is why the name of the new FireLake house wine, Ten Thousand Vines, created especially for the hotel eatery by Morgan Creek Vineyards in New Ulm, makes me even more excited to try it.

Hot Dish mentioned 10K Vines when the wine was first released, but I'm blogging about it again because now FireLake is offering a $9 flight comprised of Ten Thousand Vines, a French Pinot Noir, and a Spanish Grenache blend, to see if guests can pick out the Minnesota-made wine, a blend of Minnesota's three most notable cold-hardy wine grapes: LaCrescent, Frontenac, and the brand new Marquette. (FireLake also sells Ten Thousand Vines by the glass for $9.00 or by the bottle for $29.00.) Also, having visited Morgan Creek Vineyard, I wanted to mention that it makes for a great road trip--the vineyard is scenic, plus they have a beautiful tasting room that hosts jazz nights and other events.