Fire in Lynnhurst, Film in North and a Fabulous Birthday


The most prominent part of my week was being on site during the tragic fire at Heidi's, Blackbird, Patina and Shoppe Local at 50th and Lyndale just yesterday afternoon. Watching two amazing Twin Cities restaurants being doused with water, flames and ash was almost too much to bear.

I was so pleased with my first experience at Victory 44. We were waited on by our chef, and he was kind of a a chef way. But the food was AMAZING. I was also testing out my 40 year old Nikon D-Series Camera (with a sexy 1.2/55mm lens for you photo nerds). I sincerely cannot wait until I get to go back. Here is a shot of the amazing (you really must try it for yourself) Scotch Egg.

I had the fortunate experience of gaining another year of life this past week. Because I married an AMAZING MAN (see honey, I even mentioned you on the City Pages!) he made my friends and I fresh bagels and croissants Saturday morning for the celebration... FROM SCRATCH. I only brag because he deserves it. Thanks Kyle!


I really like to keep in touch with my food roots on at least a weekly basis. Crystal at Cafe Cyan and I have met before, and we finally had the chance to lunch together again in Burnsville (her stomping grounds). Though Satay 2 Go (her recommendation) was closed (the family is apparently in Malaysia for the Chinese New Year) we were able to find another independently owned restaurant in the area and enjoyed each others company quite a lot, if I do say so myself.

While in attendance at the Heavy Table Birthday party at the Craftsman, I knew I had to have one of their signature cocktails. I knew it was meant to be when I saw my match made in heaven: beets, tomatoes and vodka were finally united together for the seasonal Beet Bloody Mary. It was awesome and I now want to invest in a juicer so I can make my own at any time.