Fika restaurant to open at the American Swedish Institute in July

If you have never had a reason to visit the American Swedish Institute, this summer may be the ideal time to go. This amazing museum, which was once the residence of the influential Turnblad family, is in the process of completing its build-out of the Nelson Cultural Center, and it will include a new restaurant called Fika, reports MSP Magazine.

The NCC is set to open June 30, but the restaurant won't be ready to serve guests until early July, when it plans to open for dinner and dessert every Wednesday evening until 8:00 p.m.

When do they anticipate more regular hours, what do they plan to have on the menu, and just what exactly is a fika? Here's a little more info:

Fika (pronounced fee-kuh), is a slang term that grew out of saying the Swedish word for coffee (kaffe) backwards. So the syllables "kuh-ffi" flipped around to make fika, and loosely translated it means to take a break. Basically siestas are to Spanish people as fika is to the Swedes, but you don't really have to understand all the etymology to enjoy the food.

Chef Michael Fitzgerald, former chef at such venerable establishments as Auriga, Solera, and Tilia, will be at the helm of this cafe. He's planning to serve simple, high-quality Scandinavian cuisine, something the Bachelor Farmer has already proved locals have quite the affinity for. The menu will include seasonal salads, open-faced sandwiches, and other small bites, plus wine and beer.

Fika will open early seven days a week once it gets rolling and will have fresh-baked pastries and, of course, that famously strong Swedish coffee. What's fika without the kaffe?

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