Fiery German at Black Forest Inn: A drink of the week for an unwelcome guest

Defrost with a hefty helping of Fiery German at the Black Forest bar
Defrost with a hefty helping of Fiery German at the Black Forest bar
Vincent Marcinelli

Fiery German The Black Forest Inn $6.50

Two words, Twin Cities: "thunder snow." Now, you can either curl up in a fetal ball until actual spring arrives or embrace this apocalyptic weather trend, pull those snow boots out of storage for the third time, and soldier on into the night in search of strong booze like the hearty Minnesotan you are. Make the slog to the venerable Black Forest Inn, where the quaint Bavarian ski chalet vibe makes sense of, even celebrates, this unseasonal precipitation. Tie one on with the Fiery German, a no-frills, chill-proof shot of body heat.

In the case of the Fiery German, it's not about the drink itself but how you drink it, with gusto and by throwing caution to the wind, tossed back like an ice cold shot of liquid courage before plunging down a ski slope. As you're pressed up to the bar beneath rows of hanging glass beer steins, warmth spreads through your belly and heat lingers on your tongue in the form of house-made black pepper vodka, featured in most all martinis and shots on the menu. Goldschlager brings the sweet and spicy cinnamon afterburn with a "scant" amount of Jagermeister tossed in for good measure.

Why not hang up your parka and stay a while? With Germans fiery, angry, and crusty to sample and a tower of exclusively German taps, there's no better bar, bullet holes and cuckoo clocks and all, to put one back in solidarity with your fellow weather warriors while trying not to stare wistfully out at the still-shuttered patio.

Drink of the Night: Snow
Drink of the Night: Snow
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Black Forest Inn

1 E. 26th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55404


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