Pizza Luce's Spinach Salad: 100 Favorite Dishes


As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2010, coming this spring, The Hot Dish is serving up a hundred of our favorite local dishes. Send your own nominations to [email protected]

No. 54: Pizza Luce's Spinach Salad

Though it's tempting to order up a pint and slice, we think wine and salad is a pretty good combo too. Our favorite on the menu is easily the spinach salad. It starts with radicchio and spinach coated in a tangy-bitter homemade white balsamic vinaigrette. Adds a sprinkling of bright red, chewy craisins, then a dash of candied pecans so deliciously sweet you'll find yourself trying to pick them up to eat individually with a fork. Top with a few rings of red onion, and Gorgonzola cheese, and you have a plate of leafy greens that you will crave. Even better? We've never seen the large salad, because the small one is huge. And at $4.79, it's definitely more bang for your buck if you're looking for something that's not pizza.

Hungry for more? The dishes in our countdown thus far are linked below:

No. 100: Volcano Salad at Tiger Sushi

No. 99: Eclair at Butter

No. 98: Moussaka at Gardens of Salonica

No. 97: "Flappers" at Colossal Cafe

No. 96: Bento Box at Obento-Ya

No. 95: Sausage, salami, onion, and green olive pizza at Black Sheep

No. 94: Crab Cake at the Kitchen

No. 93: Passion fruit cake at Pardon My French

No. 92: Kafé 421 Signature Dips

No. 91: Lutefisk at Landmarc Grill

No. 90: May Day Cafe Croissant

No. 89: Dowjic at Babani's

No. 88: Osso Bucco at the Modern Cafe

No. 87: Chef Shack Hot Dog

No. 86: Adult Mac & Cheese at Good Day Cafe

No. 85: Ropa Vieja at Victor's

No. 84: French Toast of the Dead at Chino Latino

No. 83: Uni at Origami

No. 82: Bagel at Common Roots

No. 81: Jasmine Deli's bánh mì

No. 80: Pho 79's bò cuốn lá nho

No. 79: Sweets Bakeshop's Kettlecorn Cupcake

No. 78: D'Amico Kitchen's Chicory Salad

No. 77: Be'wiched Deli pastrami sandwich

No. 76: La Grassa's lima bean appetizer

No. 75: Bulldog NE Tater Tots

No. 74: Pop's Swedish Meatballs

No. 73: Hot Plate's Caramel Apple French Toast

No. 72: Grand Cafe's Ham and Cheese

No. 71: Galactic Pizza's Thailander

No. 70: Jackson's milk chocolate gelato

No. 69: Patrick's Bakery and Cafe's tiramisu

No. 68: Punch's Chopped Italian Salad

No. 67: Red Stag's Smelt Fries

No. 66: Mancini's Grilled Garllic Bread

No. 65: Uptown Bulldog's Chicago Dog

No. 64: Crema Cafe's Sorbet Spritzer

No. 63: Matt's Bar Jucy Lucy

No. 62: Baker's Wife Doughnut

No. 61: Bar Abilene Guacamole

No. 60: St. Paul Cheese Shop Cheesemonger

No. 59: Fasika Vegi Sampler

No. 58: Sen Yai Sen Lek Lettuce Wrap

No. 57: Saffron Mini Lamb BLT

No. 56: Dominguez Family Restaurant Green Salsa

No. 55: D'Amico's Bottomless Glass of Wine