100 Favorite Dishes: Black Sheep's sausage, salami, onion, and green olive pizza


As a countdown to the Best of the Twin Cities 2010, coming this spring, Hot Dish is serving up a hundred of our favorite local dishes. Send your own nominations to [email protected]

No. 95: Fennel sausage, hot salami, onion, and cracked green olive pizza from Black Sheep

Not many pizzas around here approach the divinity of Black Sheep's signature sausage, salami, onion, and green olive pizza. Yes, this pizza is a gift from God. It's got everything going for it: a crust coal-fired to chewy-crisp perfection, a judiciously-applied blanket of tender mozzarella and subtle tomato sauce, and a harmonious arrangement of salt-spiked ingredients, leavened just right by the sweetness of the onion. Even its color scheme is attractive. It's the kind of dish that inspires behavior something like a cross between Tourette's and amnesia. Once you've eaten it, anytime someone suggests going out to eat, you'll urgently but almost involuntarily blurt it out, and then proceed to persist, even when your friends tell you they're lactose intolerant or vegan. It's sort of like being a Jack in the Box, but a friendly well-meaning Jack in the Box. So, wasn't someone saying they wanted to go out for dinner?

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