Fast-food restaurants have gluttony on the menu for 2011

And you thought the KFC Doubledown was bad...

And you thought the KFC Doubledown was bad...

The Los Angeles Times looked into the future of the fast food business and discovered a scary trend: a rash of new menu items that "flout principles of healthful eating and instead celebrate a spirit of wanton gluttony." One market researcher called it a "carnival revival."

Chipotle is said to be one of the few fast-food chains to go in the opposite direction--it's testing an Asian version of its build-your-own burrito format--while Burger King, Taco Bell, and others are cooking up all sorts of monstrosities for 2011:


Dunkin' Donuts New Pancake Bites, are sausage-pancake pigs in a blanket.

Papa John's The chain has a new six-cheese, double bacon pizza in the works.

Burger King The Ultimate Breakfast Platter is a 1,310 calorie trucker breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, a biscuit and three pancakes with syrup. It contains 72 grams of fat and 2,490 milligrams of sodium. Similar to their French toast sticks, BK will offer a state fair-style Funnel Cake Stick, as well: 11 grams of fat and 30 grams of sugar.

Taco Bell The Bell is making an aggressive play for breakfast biz with a new double ham and cheddar melt, a sausage skillet burrito, and other items partnering with such popular brands as Cinnabon and Jimmy Dean.