Farmageddon, the movie, comes to the Twin Cites

Is Uncle Sam mucking up your milk?
Is Uncle Sam mucking up your milk?

From Food, Inc. to King Corn to Fast Food Nation, the market has seen an influx of movies covering the controversies of ominous Big Ag over the last few years.  The newest addition is Farmegeddon, the Unseen War on Family Farms.  Filmmaker Kristin Canty explores the idea that family farms are being marginalized, and in some cases directly, violently attacked.

Canty, a mother of four, explains that her journey began when one of her young children, who suffered from asthma and severe allergies, was successfully treated by consuming raw milk.  Believing in the benefits of sustainably raised, organic foods, she set out to discover why farm policies so often favor factory farms, where health is minimized in favor of increased profit margins.

The film screens at St. Anthony Main on Saturday, October 15, and again at Bryant-Lake Bowl Sunday the 16th. Tickets can be purchased here.

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