Farm to Table at Muffuletta: a photo essay

Farm to Table at Muffuletta: a photo essay

My friend Erin and I had been trying to arrange a dinner for months and finally got to it on Monday. Being the better half of the blog We Got Served, Erin usually has a list of places she'd like to go from which her dining companions are allowed to chose. Since the We Got Served post about Muffuletta from over two years ago didn't include pictures, or much of a review, she suggested we go there, and with Muffuletta being the only Parasole restaurant I've always enjoyed, I gladly obliged.

Farm to Table at Muffuletta: a photo essay

I got there a bit before Erin, and this banner was the first thing I saw.  While I don't only eat at restaurants that support their local farmers, I appreciate it when restaurants make that decision when it makes sense: Based on the farmers markets booming with produce these past few weeks, I'm thinking now is that time.


Both of us were famished and really appreciated the bread and roasted garlic that was promptly brought to our table along with our $10 bottle of wine (part of their Sunday-Thursday Tender Prices for Tough times recession special). I love spreading roasted garlic on bread, and though I appreciate they take out the labor by extracting the roasted garlic for you, I could probably have eaten about four times as much of the creamy sweet paste.


Farm to Table at Muffuletta: a photo essay

Though I'm a beet lover, I'm pretty much over the standard beet and chevre salad of yesteryear. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Muffuletta had decided to put a twist on the standard: roasted beets with horseradish cream and fennel. They weren't kidding about the beet part either; I bet I got three whole beets in that thing. It was more tuber than I was prepared to eat as a starter, but I diligently cleaned my plate.


Farm to Table at Muffuletta: a photo essay

Though I don't really consider gnocchi to be summer fare, the gnocchi with duck confit sounded to good to pass up. Moist pieces of duck tossed with mirepoix and lemon zest, and tender and fluffy gnocchi pillows made the dish appropriate for a lovely summers eve. Erin had the cheese=filled ravioli, made in the Il Gatto kitchen. I had only one bite, which was good but not memorable.

All in all we had a lovely little evening. It's nice to know that while the Parasole empire booms, the finishing touches aren't overlooked at this quaint neighborhood establishment.

Farm to Table at Muffuletta: a photo essay
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