Fare For All: 40 percent off groceries!

Most people could use a little help saving their do-re-mi's right now. While many do not qualify for food stamps or other aid because they make too much, they are still finding it hard to stay on top of expenses without accumulating debt. With the price of milk seeming to be climbing faster than the prices of gas, it seems that pretty soon you're going to have to revert back to your collegiate diet of Power Bars and Top Ramen. Before you let things get that far, check out the discount grocery program Fare for All.

Since 2007, the Fare for All Express Program has helped area residents buy affordable groceries through their innovative program. Fare for All is unique in that they encourage everyone to join, regardless of income, while being part of the Emergency Foodshelf Network. Many people are reluctant to participate because they feel like they are taking advantage, or getting food that should go to someone else, but everyone is welcome for one simple reason: The food is bought in bulk, so the more people who participate, the cheaper the food will be.

Fare for All purchases food from wholesalers and offers packages for monthly pick up from one of their 95 metro distribution centers. The packages sell for 40 to 50 percent off retail. Also, their New Hope Warehouse is open to the public for pickup every Monday, 9:30 a.m.-7p.m., excluding holidays, with a la carte items for sale with a $12 minimum purchase, in addition to packages. Previously, packages needed to be ordered and paid prior to pickup, but walk-ins are now welcome at monthly distributions, and in New Hope. 

The packages are as follows (per the Fare for All website, subject to change):

Regular Pack $17: 2-3 fresh fruits, 4-5 fresh vegetables, and 3-4 frozen meat items.

Meat Only Pack $12: 3-4 meat items such as beef, chicken, fish, or pork.

Light Pack $12: 1 non-pork meat item and an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Vegetarian Pack $10: a generous amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, often accompanied by a dry food item such as beans or pasta.

Family Pack $20: non-perishable staple items such as vegetable oil, flour, sugar, canned fruits and vegetables, rice, pasta, and boxed dinners.

Monthly special $22-$25: During the holidays the monthly special contains all of the fixings for a holiday meal (turkey or ham, potatoes, pie, vegetables, and more!) During other months the monthly special is a Mega Meat, an assortment of meat items.

Fare for All promises the freshest of products and works in cooperation with many large companies like Gold'n Plump and Dole. You can locate your monthly distribution center here. You can also keep track of Fare for All happenings on their Facebook page. This organization is volunteer-driven; click here for information about becoming a volunteer.

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