Falafel King to replace Porky's NE location

Fouad Masroujeh will replace pork cutlets with gyros.

Fouad Masroujeh will replace pork cutlets with gyros.

The logistical debacle that was Porky's NE at 1851 Central Ave. NE has finally come to a close and perhaps now the blog can finally go dark. The Downtown Journal reports that the Truelson family (also the owners of Porky's on University and Tryg's near Lake Calhoun) has re-leased the property to Fouad Masroujeh, who operates two Falafel King locations (Uptown and one in Downtown) and plants to fill the Northeast site with a third falafel joint.

Masroujeh says he hopes to open around Nov. 11--and request a conditional use permit that will allow him to operate a drive-thru 24-hours-a-day. The all-hours drive-thru could pit Masroujeh against his very vocal neighbors who previously fought against Porky's due to concerns about crime and other nuisances and its close proximity to neighboring residences.

The Windom Park Citizens in Action meeting will be soliciting input from neighbors on Nov. 16 at the Windom Park Addition at Pillsbury School (2251 Hayes St. NE) from 7 to 9 p.m. The url has thankfully not yet been snapped up.