Extremely busy or lazy? New app offers food delivery inside MSP

The ol' airport

The ol' airport Aaron Lavinsky

In this inno-tech age of game-changing disruption, innocent smartphone owners are constantly subjected to startups claiming to be "Uber, but for [gardening/taxidermy/horseradish]."

In that same spirit, meet AtYourGate, a new app that bills itself as Postmates, but for inside the airport. The food-delivery service just added the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport to its network, which currently includes airports in Portland, Oregon, San Diego, Newark, and two in New York City. 

To "ease the stress of airport travel," per the press release, AtYourGate allows you to order chow from MSP restaurants and have it "hand delivered" to your gate. For the extremely busy and/or lazy, it might just be one of those vaunted game-changers. 

This reporter test drove the AtYourGate ordering process by punching in a single Happy Meal from McDonald's. After the fee ($2.99) and tip ($2), the grand total came to $9.57 for delivery to Gate 1. Conversely, walking up to the McDonald's and placing the same order would cost $4.

What a time to be alive! 

Currently, the MSP eateries available via AtYourGate include: Salty Tart Bakery, Camden Food Co., Panda Express, Black Sheep Pizza, Red Cow, McDonald’s, Holy Land Deli, and Qdoba. In-airport delivery of gifts and retail items will be added in the future. 

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