Extraction Coffee Co. brings cold brewed coffee to your doorstep

Extraction Coffee Co. to start cold brew deliveries to your doorstep

Extraction Coffee Co. to start cold brew deliveries to your doorstep

The milkman is a quaint symbol of times gone by, but we've got other delivery services in mind. As we gear up for a spring spent sipping iced coffee on the patio, we have our sights trained on Extraction Coffee Co., a new cold brewed coffee delivery service.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the company has teamed up with south Minneapolis roaster Bull Run Coffee to get its business underway. Customers can have 32-ounce bottles of cold press concentrate delivered directly to their doorsteps on a bi-monthly schedule. The best news? You can place your order as early as next week.

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CJ Hoppe and Cody Blades, the husband-and-wife team behind Extraction Coffee Co., are passionate about coffee. They choose seasonal beans and partner with local roasters. Before getting started on Extraction, the pair spent some time traveling the country, taste-testing coffee at some of the top coffee bars in America.

Extraction operates largely out of a commercial kitchen in Burnsville, where the cold brew process begins on Thursdays, bottling follows on Fridays, and delivery takes place on Saturdays. Hoppe and Blades have said they will focus on one variety of coffee per month, which will be delivered to customers every other week. Order by the bottle, or go all in and purchase an ongoing subscription.

The first batch of cold brew will be roasted by Bull Run Coffee Bar, but Extraction aims to work with a number of local roasters on a batch-by-batch basis. 

"We have an idea of who we'll be working with throughout the summer, but part of the excitement, for us anyway, is to make that information known in small snippets. We like to keep people waiting to see who we're going to use. We do have our summer lined up, but we'll be writing on our blog and letting people know that way, and through Twitter and Facebook, who we'll be working with for the next month," Blades says.

The duo also has plans to partner with local food trucks to sell pre-bottled, ready-to-drink cold brewed coffee. The coffee is currently sold as a concentrate, which customers can dilute with milk or hot or cold water. For more information on Extraction Coffee Co., visit

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