Explore St. Paul's East Side on a walking tour that ends with food

I Heart Pho is one of the East Side's newer restaurants.

I Heart Pho is one of the East Side's newer restaurants.

If you want to know the next big things in food, you gotta look to the up-and-coming neighborhoods. These are neighborhoods with more moxie than curb appeal; where real estate is still affordable, and where classic drinkers' bars and barber shops outnumber hipster hangs. 

If any part of town threatens to be this up-and-comer, it's east St. Paul. The old neighborhood has fascinating immigrant roots dating back over a century and a half. The origins of the place can be felt in Italian and German enclaves, and now with more recent Hmong, Mexican, Vietnamese, and other immigration pathways to the area. 

And, the hipsters are coming, too! And all of this means that the East Side might right now be the most interesting (and that ultimately means the most delicious) neighborhood in the Twin Cities.

You just gotta know where to look. 

The University of Minnesota wants to help you do just that. On July 9, join a walking tour titled "From Then to Now: Immigration and the (Re)Making of Saint Paul's East Side," which will start at Swede Hollow, then follow Payne Avenue, and end at East Side Freedom Library with a talk and tasting by local chefs. The chat will explore the community's relationship to immigration and food.

The event is free and open to the public, but space is limited and you must register here. 

The tour will begin at East Side Freedom Library at 9:30 a.m. and a shuttle to Swede Hollow will be provided. The walking tour will last approximately two hours.

East Side Freedom Library

1105 Greenbrier St., St Paul