Excelsior Brewing "Kruisetoberfest" will release new beer on a boat

Kruisetoberfest sets sail on Lake Minnetonka
Kruisetoberfest sets sail on Lake Minnetonka
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Open water, the sweet scent of barbecued meats, and the opportunity to be one of the first to sample a new fall seasonal beer: Kruisetoberfest, an upcoming special-release event on Lake Minnetonka, showcases all the best things about late summer in Minnesota. 

On September 16, Excelsior Brewing will debut its inaugural batch of Bitteschläppe Brown Ale. The brewery is teaming up with Al and Alma's supper club and charter cruise line to debut this Oktoberfest-style beer on a two-and-a-half-hour public boat cruise.

The Hot Dish caught up with Ben Flattum, senior ambassador at Excelsior Brewing, and Jay Soule, general manager of Al and Alma's, to get the lowdown on this fun, floating beer dinner.

How did your two companies decide to work together to make Kruisetoberfest happen?

Jay Soule: There are many synergies, actually. Both our companies are locally owned and share a passion for the Lake Minnetonka area where all of us grew up. Some of us have been friends since long before we could legally sample beer. Al and Alma's does a lot of events like this -- wine tastings, brunches, and barbecues. Having the brewmasters from Excelsior at the event will mean that guests will get the story behind these craft beers as they taste and experience them for the first time.

What's going to be on the dinner menu to go along with the beers?

Soule: We'll be doing a buffet-style dinner of slow-cooked barbecue ribs, barbecue chicken, hot German potato salad, our Island Salad with our house dressing, and fun harvest dessert.

Ben Flattum: The menu is designed to go with the  Bitteschläppe, which handles itself well with heavier barbecued foods, especially beef and pork. It also complements chocolate-based desserts. It's made with a generous amount of Munich malt, so it has a very sweet yet roasty flavor. It has very low bitterness and balanced body that masks the 6.7% ABV.

When you do officially release this beer, where will people be able to find it?
BF: As of now we are only doing a single batch, which means it should be available in the taproom and local bars in Excelsior through October, before it is retired for the season. Not sure who will exactly have it on tap at this point, since we haven't released it, but it's certain that our taproom at the brewery will have it as long as it's available.

Republic, Pizza Luce in Hopkins, and the soon-to-open Figlio 2.0 in St. Louis Park are among some of the bars that have Excelsior's other beers on tap.

Tickets are $48 and can be purchased at

Al and Alma's website

prior to the event.

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Al & Alma's Supper Club and Boat Charters

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