Every Minnesota brewery, distillery, cidery, and winery, all on one map

The good people at Growler have mapped out a Minnesota drinker's dream itinerary.

The good people at Growler have mapped out a Minnesota drinker's dream itinerary.

Don't drink and drive.

And don't look at your phone while you're driving.

And definitely, definitely, never drink and drive and then start looking something up on your phone.

Those instructions in mind, Growler Magazine's cool new map of every alcohol production shop in Minnesota ought to come with both a designated driver and a designated non-driver map person. 

The map lets users pinpoint every single brewery, distillery, cidery, and winery in the state of Minnesota, and fills in the gaps with local attractions, in case you want something to look at as you sip. Knowing they probably missed a few, and won't catch every new one, Growler's asking entrepreneurs and local drinkers to help them keep the map up to date. 

Settings at the top let you sort businesses by type, so you could plan, say, a brewery crawl through one Twin Cities neighborhood, or take a gluten-free friend on a statewide roadtrip of cideries. (Remember to check off locations as you go; don't want to wind up back at the same place telling the same story four hours later.) 

Mind the sidebar section of the map, which tells you whether a location is open to the public (most are, though some by appointment only), has seasonal changes or specific hours, outdoor seating, or live music.

If you're a decently patriotic Minnesotan, you're probably reading this and thinking, "Dude, I know where the breweries are."

Do you really know all of them, though? Growler's map lists 130 Minnesota breweries, from Revelation Ale Works in tiny the tiny northwestern town of Hallock, not far from the Canadian border,  to Oswald Brewing Company in Blue Earth, some 450 miles to the south.

Too late to make a very late, very fun resolution for 2017?