Ever Wondered What the Electric Fetus Tastes Like? Try It in Beer Form for Record Store Day


Record Store Day isn't all about split 7-inches and excessive lines to grab rare vinyl. It's a chance to take in the killer local music scene and support your local record store.

Dangerous Man Brewing is giving you the opportunity to savor the experience, to really drink it all in. They're pairing up with Electric Fetus to make an exclusive beer named, naturally, Record Store Day Beer.

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"We did discuss calling it Dangerous Fetus Man. However, that did not invoke the drinkable aspect we try to convey when talking about beer with customers," says Dangerous Man's Rob Miller.

The beer, available only at the Dangerous Man taproom, is a sessionable Golden Ale with Belgian notes and spices to reproduce that incense aroma shoppers associate with Electric Fetus. Dangerous Man chose a light-color beer to further mimic the store, noting the intense brightness of the shop's interior when the sun hits its street-facing front windows.

"The smell of incense, creaky floor boards, and the light that shines in the large storefront windows are all elements that outline a memory of shopping at the Electric Fetus," says Miller. They also consulted with the store to determine a fit with the staff's beer preferences, ultimately deciding upon the Golden Ale.


The pairing may seem unusual, but it grew from the Fetus's merchandise line. The store started selling Dangerous Man gear over the 2014 holidays, fostering the partnership.

"Record Store Day is a community event," says Electric Fetus general manager Aaron Meyerring, "which is why we connect with so many other community businesses on this day."

Other partners include Glam Doll Donuts, Natedogs, Hola Arepa, Gear Running Store, Peace Coffee, Angry Catfish, and Birchwood. "These stores support what we do and we drive traffic back to them."

While the beer premieres on Friday, April 17, the day before Record Store Day, the special discounts begin on Saturday. Customers at the taproom will get a $1 discount on the one-off beer by showing an Electric Fetus receipt.

Dangerous Man expects to have the beer on tap for about two weeks, as supplies last. But that exclusive vinyl you've been coveting might not be around that long, so mark your calendar for Saturday's festivities.

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