Esquire's worst beer on earth

great for drinking then passing out in the grass!
great for drinking then passing out in the grass!

Esquire Magazine, everyone's favorite place to see boobies--I mean read stories--recently compiled a list of  Nine of the Worst Beers on Earth. And the "winner" is quite a loser: Bud Light Chelada. If you have ever wondered how a Bud Light might taste with a bit of Clamato juice (yep, tomato + clam), and served in a can, Esquire will tell you: very very bad indeed.

The Bud Light Chelada, which also got a dreaded D- rating from Beer Advocate,  takes a couple good ideas-- the Michelada (translating  to "my chilada" or "my iced beer") are yummy-- iced beer with lime, salt, Worcestershire and a dash of tomato juice-- a spicer version of the bloody beer (also a good drink)--and I do also like me a Clamato Bloody Mary--the Bloody Ceasar. But according to several reviews, something went terribly wrong with the Bud Light Chelada, a trifecta of heinousness, in fact: the color--described as similar to dark pink grapefruit juice, the smell--said to be "a bit like something spoiled," and the taste-- "like the worst Bloody Mary you ever had".

Esquire's worst beer on earth

Well, now you know what to avoid this summer. A bunch of other losers round out the list including Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry, Old English 800--3.2 ABV, and 7-11 brand Game Day Light.

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