Esquire names Al's Breakfast, Hell's Kitchen best breakfasts

The March issue of Esquire (Clive Owen's on the cover) dishes accolades to two Minneapolis restaurants in an "Unranked, Incomplete ... Best Breakfasts Across America" feature.

The mag applauds Dinkytown's Al's Breakfast (deservedly), with mention of its blueberry and buttermilk pancakes (maybe not so deservedly, but I might just be grouchy today).

The other? Hell's Kitchen, with specific attention-lathering on the restaurant's bison-sausage bread and its Mahnomin porridge.

The 12-page feature is almost worth the $4+ I paid for it, especially for the larger-than-life droolworthy pic of some ... omg ... banana bread french toast (recipe included)!

I want to go to there.