ESPN's NCAA-style meat bracket

ESPN's NCAA-style meat bracket

Hot Dish and audiences don't need to be mutually exclusive when our pal Paul Lukas pits rib-eye steak against London broil and veal cutlet against chicken tails, NCAA-style.

ESPN's Uni Watch columnist Paul Lukas happens to be obsessed with all sports-related design, a helluva funny writer, and a raging carnivore:

Show me someone who doesn't eat meat and I'll show you me eating that person's pork chop. And please, spare me your vegetarian moralisms -- if we weren't meant to eat animals, how come they're all made out of meat?

In this recent ESPN article, Lukas details each matchup in his NCAA-style meat bracket, in which he pits several types of meat against one another in a edible fight to the death. I didn't learn much about March Madness, but I was introduced to the (supposedly) wonderful world of chicken tails:

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "He's not really gonna take this chicken tail obsession all the way to the Final Four, is he?" Darn right I am, because chicken tails are this tournament's Cinderella story. They've languished in obscurity for too long, and this is their moment, baby!

I expect a meal at the Pope's Nose next time I'm in New York, Paul!

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