Eruption Effervescent: taste testing the new local energy drink

Thinking outside the can

Thinking outside the can

The idea for Eruption, the new all natural energy drink came about as so many bouts of genius do, at 2 a.m. after a long night of drinking.  Unlike most late night revelations, the makers, Joshua Shirk and Brian Christensen, both of the Twin Cities, actually followed through.  After years of exhaustive research, planning and attempts, they arrived at their final product: A lime flavored packet that can be added to liquid for a burst of vitamin-packed energy without the repugnant flavor that so many energy drinks have.

The ingredient list reads like a highlight reel of the trending "all natural" good-for-you stuff of the moment, from ribovlavins to CoQ10, and it's also sugar-free, being sweetened with Stevia. Using the same effervescent technology that Airborne tablets use, the powder dissolves into liquid. Each packet costs about a dollar and is easily transportable.  Add a dose to a little rail vodka, tequila or light beer for a limey concoction designed to keep the party going until all hours. Or add to a bottle of water for an enhanced work-out.

But how does it taste?


The makers of Eruption treated Hot Dish to a sampling of the product with tequila, beer, rail vodka, soda, and water.  After the packet dissolved into each drink and settled for a minute, the resulting beverages were surprisingly tasty. The margarita was especially convincing as such, without being overly sweet, and just a tiny bit of stevia after taste.  The beer was another hit, with the usually watery, pale tap tasting like a Mexican-style pour.  We could almost imagine our toes in the sand, and some country song about senoritas playing in the background.  We did not, however, feel particularly energized after the tasting and did consider a midday nap.

The marketing campaign is swinging into high gear for these guys, having recently launched a series of spots on You Tube (see below) that might be off putting to some, or hilarious to the 16-year-olds at heart.  An official launch party will be held July 16th at Bootleggers in Minneapolis from 8pm - 2 am.  For more details, visit the Eruption Effervescent Energy website.